Ditta Via de Neri

Open since April 2014

This is our first home, our first coffee bar. From this corner, this street, this city we started our mission. Opening this coffee bar gave us the opportunity to talk with our customers, to tell them everything that lies behind a cup of coffee. Ditta Artigianale via de’ Neri is the result of our various trips around the world and fashioned in the typical Italian style, thus creating a coffee bar where one can feel at home and where coffee, while being the main focus of our offers, is accompanied by different quality products. We are a specialty coffee bar, serving good food and, once the sun goes down, transforming itself into one of the best gin bars in the city, perfect meeting point for all gin lovers.

Ditta Via dello Sprone

Open since May 2016

One of the prettiest coffee bars in Europe, this is how many famous people from the coffee world, but not only, have described this cafeteria. Ditta Artigianale via dello Sprone is our second coffee shop, in which we combined a careful and accurate design without forgetting our primary objective: making people feel at home. Ditta Artigianale via dello Sprone is a rather large area, where one can work, relax or simply enjoy some free time with friends. The coffee bar is styled according to a precise time period, closely following the style and vision of the great Florentine architect Giovanni Michelucci, who is also the architect who designed the palace housing our premises.

Ditta Via Carducci

Open since July 2021

Our third coffee shop, our biggest bet. The project was born about two years ago, but due to various vicissitudes we had to wait longer, but all this waiting is rewarded by the beauty of this coffee shop. It was born inside a building. period and develops inside an old refectory of 1300. The Sant'Ambrogio cafeteria was designed by our architects Luca and Marco Baldini (studio Q-bic) and contains a modern and international style with close references to the classic Italian style. The store located in Via Carducci in the Sant'Ambrogio district is a cafeteria with a varied range of pastry and food items, and also houses our ""Scuola del Caffè"", where training courses can be followed. on coffee at an amateur and professional level. The peculiarities of this building end with the presence of a beautiful internal cloister where it is possible to stop and read a book and drink a good coffee surrounded by greenery and works of the 1300s, such as the well and the fountain completely renovated and brought back to life."


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